High Powered Horticultural Grow Panel

High powered 500W LED Grow light for indoor damp location use. Spectrum optimized LEDs for maximum light efficiency. With 90° lens it is ideal for many horticulture applications where large light area for vegetables, fruit and medical cannabis required.

Full Grow Spectrum LEDs

During the daytime at noon on a clear sunny day, the natural Sun puts out about (PAR) 1000 to 1200 micromole (µmol) and on a cloudy day (this can vary) about 500 micromole . The light spectrum from the Sun however has more green than is necessary for most plants, especially cannabis, tomatoes and others. With our LED grow panels, green is included in the spectrum however at a lower ratio compared to the necessary blue spectrum 400-500nm and red spectrum 600-760nm that allow for most growth.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimized light spectrum for faster plant growth.
  • Meets new UL 8800 Horticultural standard
  • High powered 4 x 110W CREE COBs and 55 x 5W CREE Chips.
  • Daisy chain up to 2 pieces (Max. 1200W)
  • Rated for use in Indoor damp locations.
  • 90º LED lens to cover large light area.
  • Optimized airflow design inside the housing.
  • Cooper core heavy duty aluminum heatsink.

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